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From the beginning, Ragged Branch has been committed to crafting the finest, authentic Virginia Straight Bourbon with no short-cuts. Each bottle is distilled and patiently aged for over four years. This commitment to tradition, patience, excellence and locality is reflected in the smooth, full flavor of our bourbon.

Spicy & Sweet


Tickles the tongue with spicy rye and vanilla tones. Finishes smoothly and sweetly. After adding a spoonful of water, the fragrance of sweet tobacco comes through and opens the palate to a softer spice, leaving a pleasant flavor of caramel corn.

Smooth & Sweet


Vanilla and caramel with strong cinnamon on the front. The flavors build on the tongue, hitting all the taste buds, finishing long, leaving a craving for another taste. After adding a spoonful of water, the nose opens the oaky cinnamon aroma, bringing out a very pleasant almond vanilla, finishing smoothly with a fresh taste of cinnamon.

patiently aged


Heavy malt and oak on the nose with vanilla, dark caramel and toasted nut on the front. The finish is sweet and buttery with a hint of toasted almonds, leaving a velvety feel on the tongue. Excellent with beef and a sweet caramel dessert.

To achieve this distinctive taste, our double oak bourbon is aged to a proper straight bourbon, then transferred to a new charred oak barrel and aged again until the flavors are deep and smooth.



Barrels are hand picked for Louisiana to honor the hometown of our partner, Chris Sarpy, who has family roots in New Orleans dating back 300 years. 

New Flavor

Double Oaked Signature Bourbon

Toasted malt and oak on the nose with subtle butterscotch. After the first sip, notice a very smooth and oily mouthfeel.  The flavors build on the tongue with vanilla bean, sweet tobacco, and a subtle hint of spicy rye. After a few drops of water, the bourbon sweetens up with hints of caramel and dark chocolate. The finish is full bodied and smooth all the way down.

New Flavor

Rye Whiskey

The flavors build on the tongue with pepper, sweet tobacco, and cinnamon. After adding a spoonful of water, the pepper softens, and sweet notes of caramel and marzipan come through. This whiskey is excellent neat, or in cocktails like a Manhattan.

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