Barrel Program

Ever dream of owning your own barrel of Virginia Straight Bourbon?

Our Ragged Branch Barrel Program allows you to select and own your own personalized bottles of Ragged Branch Straight Virginia Bourbon Whiskey. From the beginning, Ragged Branch has been committed to crafting the finest, most authentic Virginia Straight Bourbon with no short-cuts. Each available barrel of Bourbon is distilled and patiently aged for over four years and bottled at Ragged Branch.  Commitment to tradition, patience, excellence, and locality is reflected in the smooth, full flavor of our Bourbon.
What you'll get: 
  • +/- 275 bottles of your own private, hand chosen Virginia Straight Bourbon with personalized labels
  • Expertly selected 100ml bottles from our Ragged Branch Barrel House for you to select the barrel of your choice
  • Custom bottle label with your logo on it
  • One Ragged Branch barrel for your location 
Your options:
You can choose from our five recipes:
  • Wheated Bourbon
  • Signature Bourbon
  • Double Oaked Wheated Bourbon
  • Straight Rye Whiskey
  • Double Oaked Signature Bourbon
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